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This is my first year teaching on my own and I am very nervous. What are some things I should focus on with the children in the beginning days of school?

Aug 23, 2017 1:49pm

I am teaching kindergarten and I want to make my room fun, exciting, but also a safe place for my students. I am very anxious and nervous to begin my first year teaching and I want to make sure I am touching on some important things when getting to my students, parents, school community etc. I would love to hear from all of you so that I can begin my year confident and ready to teach!

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    • Aug 24, 2017 11:51am

      Congratulations in teaching your first year on your own. You will be great! Some points that I focus on in the beginning days of school are; routine/structure/schedule of the day, fire drill procedures/etc., homework policy, behavior rules/rewards, bathroom routine, different centers and how they work/run in your classroom. For the parents, I send out a letter about the homework load, behavior expectations, and field trip/emergency forms. I also collect their phone numbers to use to communicate with them. I hope this helps. Have a great school year!

      • Aug 24, 2017 11:04pm

        Congrats on beginning your first year teaching! I echo what's already been stated because establishing (and reiterating) routines is key! It's a year-round focus, really. Look for fun ways to practice the routines of lining up, transitioning around the classroom, walking through the hallways, etc. Make it a fun game that helps reinforce safety and respect. Your being nervous is completely normal! Just remember, your district hired you because they are confident in your abilities! Kinders especially will be nervous and anxious, too, since it's possibly their first time being away from home for such a long chunk of the day! Begin each day with a big, warm smile for them, have your lessons well laid out, be aware that hiccups in your plans will occur (it's inevitable, esp. when working with little ones), but plug into the community of teachers you'll be around and don't be afraid to ask questions. All the best! :)

        • Sep 2, 2017 5:42pm

          Best wishes for this first year! In addition to the important work of learning routines, be sure to incorporate some easy silent signals for quiet, for listening behavior, for engagement and participation, even for asking to get out of your spot and get a pencil.
          Also, use these first days to get to know your students. You will want to let them get to know you too. Those little people will be endlessly curious about who you are. Kids who care are invested in what you have to say.
          Teaching channel has some great videos to help set up routines, like this one: