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To Supply, or Not to Supply...that's the dilemma

Aug 24, 2015 11:41pm

Goal: That students are prepared with writing tools
Dilemma: Supplying them doesn't build responsibility/independence, but NOT supplying can waste time

How do you address lack of preparation (of pencils and other essentials) in your classroom?

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    • Aug 29, 2015 6:52pm

      I supply my 11th graders with the items they leave behind! Of course we all have to decide what is important in our own classrooms (and appropriate) but having taught grades 6-12 for 20+ years, the supply battle is one I decided to stop fighting.

      • Aug 29, 2015 7:43pm

        My school is 100% free and reduced lunch so several of our students do not bring school supplies...I make sure that I have enough school supplies to get me through the year as I would rather purchase then when they are on sale. One thing I do is give my students school supplies for their Christmas gifts. During back-to-school sales I purchase 25 sets of colored pencils/markers etc and give them out at Christmas. This way I know each student has a set when we are working on our 'bigger' projects in January.

        • Aug 30, 2015 11:13pm

          Ah...yes, Title I. We share this classification. Thanks for your suggestions, and for your empathy which all students need. Yet, I do wonder if we're being too kind -or impatient.

          Title I students, like all students, need opportunities to learn responsibility. A youthful perspective may not fully appreciate a teacher's kindness.

          So, I'm loving the idea of a shoe for a pencil (Teresa Haby). That would at least give students reason to pause and think. Actually, you might integrate this idea into a study of commerce! : D

          Thanks to all for sharing!

          • Aug 29, 2015 7:01am

            I have this same problem with my 6th graders!!

            • Aug 30, 2015 5:23pm

              I agree, you choose your battles. I always give a supply list; however, I spend hundreds of dollars each year for staples and accessories to help the students.