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Using Interactive Notebooks and/or Foldables in the Classroom?

Nov 3, 2014 1:31pm

I love the idea of interactive notebooks and foldables, but they seem really time consuming - not just for the prep time for the teacher when making the materials, but in class when students are gluing and jotting down things exactly where they need to be. Does anyone have any experience with interactive notebooks and/or foldables in the classroom, specifically in ELA? I would really love to try it, but would be interested to hear how it went for others first!

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    • Nov 8, 2014 5:36pm

      One way to use interactive notebooks during ELA (as well as science/social studies) is to introduce them to students as their process books. I like to use large blank hard cover sketch books (I've gotten them donated from art stores and also through donors choose in the past).

      If you want them to be organized and able to find certain things later (but don't want to spend ALL your time prepping) have them glue in 5-6 pages of a blank table of contents in the front of the books. Then as they add things in (notes, sketches, glue in papers, etc.) it isn't as important if things are in order, because they are always updating their table of contents with title pages and page numbers.

      I loved using these with my students last year as it really chronicled their learning process and was a great way for them to share their year with their family/friends.