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using sponges to teach math concepts

Jun 11, 2014 1:44pm

  • Math
  • 8
  • Common Core


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    • Sep 15, 2014 11:32am

      Here's an example from the elementary level. Let's say that the teacher has finished her math instruction a few minutes before the students need to line up for lunch. She uses that time for a sponge activity. It might sound like this. "Boys and girls, I'm going to state a value. Your job is to visualize it on a number line and name the endpoints that bracket the numeral. The endpoints will be multiples of 100. For example, I say '653.' You say, '600 and 700.' This is a review skill, so you should be able to answer in the time it takes me to count to 3 and then snap my fingers." Sponge activities are quick, energizing, and motivational.