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what are some effective classroom reseating strategies?

Dec 14, 2016 9:17pm

Our second trimester started this week and i want to rearrange the classroom seating.

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    • Dec 23, 2016 3:55pm

      Are you looking to rearrange the layout of your desks? Or rearrange your students' seating chart?

      If you're considering the classroom layout, think about your purpose and classroom activities. Are students watching a lot of media on a projector or student presentations? If so, have all the desks face the same direction in rows or a large semi-circle.

      If this trimester includes more whole-class discussion, put the desks in a circle or square so everyone can be seen. Conversely, if students are working in groups a lot this trimester, seat them accordingly.

      If it's a seating chart you want to rearrange, I always start with "special cases." Some of my students need to sit near the board since they so often "forget" to wear their glasses. Others are easily distracted and need a quiet space away from close friends. Or I try to provide variety: if a student sat in the back of the room last trimester, I want them near the front this time.

      Good luck!

      • Dec 24, 2016 1:15pm

        I think that Meredith has some wonderful suggestions.

        Assuming that you have desks, I prefer clusters of four. I would place your students with poor eye sight first. Then I would stragecially place your discipline students (Try to keep them near/facing you as proximity is a wonderful discipline tool). Then try to intermingle the boys and the girls.

        After that I would suggest a normal rotation cycle, so that students get to interact with different students over the course of the quarter.

        Feel free to provide more details then we can provide further assistance if needed. Good Luck!

        • Jan 4, 2017 8:51am

          I change up my seating regularly. This helps my student discipline and different arrangements work better for different lessons. It also encourages students to connect to students they may not gotten to know yet. Sometimes I arrange desks in groups of 4-5, other times I arrange a full class circle or two class circles for discussions. Sometimes I split the class into two groups with one working online and the other working with me, at the midway point the groups change places. This works really well for differentiation.