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What are some good rules and regulations for a 6th grade English classroom?

Jul 8, 2014 6:26am

  • Behavior / New Teachers


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    • Jul 15, 2014 1:49pm


      My middle school team allowed students to work together in groups to come up with classroom management plan. You will find that they are more engaged in the process but they come up with the same rules you would have. Our team focused on acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.

      The groups first discussed unacceptable behaviors and then identified consequences that would help to eliminate those behaviors. As a component, we also required a reflection after the unacceptable behavior and we allowed students to determine what this reflection would look like. They determined that the first four reflections would not be shared with their families, but then we would schedule a team meeting with families if a student had five incidents. No student ever got to 5. It ended up being super valuable.

      Hope this helps,