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What are some great platforms for shared calendars intended for teacher-to-teacher planning and communication?

Jun 19, 2015 1:02pm

I am looking for a platform with a great shared calendar feature. Considering it would be used to plan and coordinate via teacher-to-teacher communication, the platform needs to be easily accessible (also available through an app), allowing teachers to share their updates simply and frequently. Any ideas? Thank you!

  • English Language Arts
  • K-5
  • Planning


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    • Jul 31, 2015 2:02am

      Lauren is absolutely spot-on in my opinion. Google calendars are phenomenal for what you are asking. If you wanted to be the only one to access this calendar, there is a way to publish the calendar publicly so that all your teacher friends would be able to see it, email you additions, and update them in real time. There is also a feature that, if all the teachers had Google accounts, would be able to add to the calendar, which would update in real time to all teachers. You could even enable notifications so that all teachers involved in the calendar would know when something was added. This could, however, become very annoying and cause people to lose interest in the calendar. Most people have Google accounts, and if they don't, they are very easy to sign up for. It's probably the most accessible way to do this that I can imagine, and it would also not require you to adopt yet another account on another website. Using Google calendar as a group would also allow you to share documents, presentations, charts, and many more things. If this is all a little more than you were looking for, I might would suggest having a shared Google document that listed the calendar events. This would be much easier to see and navigate, in my opinion. Good luck!