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What are some strategies to get parents involved or at least keep them in the loop?

Nov 22, 2015 11:04am

I know middle school is a time where parents typically take a step back from the school scene and allow their children some independence, but how do I still keep those parents informed and involved in my classroom, while still instilling independence and responsibility in the students?

  • Math
  • 4-8


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    • Nov 28, 2015 7:55pm

      We encourage families to access the online grade book to check for missing work and assigned grades. Our school does not require teachers to have websites, so it's up to us whether or not we utilize this option. This year I've started using Remind. I love it! Even though I provide my families with my cell phone number, I find they prefer contact through Remind. I also like being able to send out group messages telling parents about assignments, tests, items to bring to class, etc. I don't use it daily because I feel kids need to develop a system of organization that works for them, but the parents are very appreciative when they know what they should be looking for. And anytime something works well and is free, I'm all over it!

      • Nov 25, 2015 8:49pm

        There's many ways to get guardians/parents involved. The 1st level of involvement is in the acquisition of information. Do they know what's going on with their child and the goings-on in the school? If not, use of newsletter and circulation of info thru school website and/or auto-phone calls or e-mails are a good start. Second level of involvement is by attending school functions like parent-teacher stuff, BTS nights, and family math or lit night are appropriate. A parent/guardian is most engaged if they can do the 1st 2 and are actively involved in school-level decsions like hiring staff and such through the school district. This is where the principal steps his game up to accommodate the guardian/parent.