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What are some ways to integrate technology into assessment?

Feb 5, 2015 10:05am

I had a meeting wit my PLC the other day and we were discussing ways that we could better assess our students through the use of technology. All we landed on was using the Smartboard Response PE remotes for questions, which, to me, really seems no different than just digital multiple choice questions. I feel like there's something bigger here, but am struggling to find a way that technology could actually benefit our students, rather than just making our job easier with things like automated grading or something. Do you have any ideas of how our students could benefit from integrating technology and assessment? Any ideas are welcome!! I'd love to hear some ideas on this subject!

  • Arts / English Language Arts / Foreign Language / Math / Physical Education / Science / Social Studies / Technology / Other
  • 6-12
  • Assessment / Class Culture / Common Core / Differentiation / Digital Literacy / Engagement / New Teachers / Planning


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    • Apr 3, 2015 8:16pm

      If you have not looked at, then please take a look at it. It has many great features. A student can use it in the classroom or outside the classroom. You can check students progress by looking at their scores on a quiz and seeing how many times they have taken it. It will also give you a break-down of question and say what percentage of students got it correct or incorrect. This could be a great indicator of what topics need to be retaught.

      • Feb 6, 2015 1:03pm

        What about having the students record their thinking using an iPad? This would help them articulate their process as well as give you a chance to hear from each person.

        • Mar 16, 2015 10:29pm

          Some great means of formative assessment include Socrative, Kahoot, and Plickers. Also, you can check for understanding by having students post their thoughts or questions during a lecture or while working on a project through Padlet or Today's Meet. You can also use Blendspace to give students a multimodal means of showing what they know.

          • Feb 22, 2016 2:18pm

            I love using Drive with Doctapus and Goobric (a Chrome extension) to distribute and grade assessments. They also work with Google classroom. For example, I distribute labs via Doctapus, and each kid can get their own copy of the same assignment, or I can differentiate it. The student types their lab on that doc I shared, and then when they're done, I grade it with Goobric. I use the rubric I specified for the assessment. Goobric can auto-email the feedback to the student, and also puts it into the doc. Also, Goobric now has a peer review and self assessment feature I haven't used, but really want to. I use TurnItIn for peer review, but would rather use Goobric, since I'm already grading that way.