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what are the reading techniques or strategies ?

Nov 7, 2017 8:43am

how to teach reading ?

  • English Language Arts
  • 9-12
  • Assessment


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    • Jan 7, 2018 1:22am

      Hi Hanane

      You really should get your hands on "Readicide" and "I read it but I don't get it" by Cris Tovani. It points out the strategies explicitly that good readers use and do instinctively. Once you know these, you can share them with your students.
      One day I went to class and asked my year 9s, "Do you ever wonder when you get a reading test back, why some students get full marks and you don't? Well today I'm going to tell you exactly what those good readers are doing that you aren't." I guarantee, everybody is listening at this point.