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What are the second grade social studies common core standards? Are biomes part of the second grade common core science standards?

Apr 12, 2016 8:25am

  • English Language Arts / Science / Social Studies
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    • Apr 12, 2016 10:39pm

      One way to have all of the standards at your fingertips, all day, every day, is to load the Common Core App from MasteryConnect on your phone. They have versions for Android and through iTunes. It is a simple app that gives you the standards and all the targets whenever you need them. It's great when you are planning a lesson.

      That said, you will find that there are no Common Core State Standards specifically for social studies and science in the second grade. English Language Arts Standards cover a student's ability to interact with complex nonfiction. Your reading lessons that meet the standards are likely to use a great deal of science and social studies text. Specific topics are not dictated by the standard (your state may have standards that DO dictate the topics covered each year...).

      Beginning with sixth grade, the ELA standards have specific crossovers to social studies and science. Again, topics are not dictated by CCSS. Instead, text complexity, use of evidence and research skills become the main focus. I would add that the use of primary sources for social studies is called out explicitly, beginning in middle school.