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What are your professional goals for the new year?

Jan 14, 2014 6:55pm

Do you have a particular goal for improving your practice in 2014? Share it here and allow your colleagues to provide thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

  • Arts / English Language Arts / Foreign Language / Math / Physical Education / Science / Social Studies / Technology / Other
  • Pre K-12
  • Collaboration / English Language Learners / Special Education


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    • Jan 15, 2014 7:13pm


      I'm very involved with Universal Design for Learning and my goal is to connect the research on andragogy (adult learning) to UDL to influence how professional development is delivered to teachers. If anyone has similar interests, I'd love to connect!



      • Aug 19, 2014 9:49pm

        My professional goal is to help the great educators that I mentor narrow the achievement gap in many of our schools. As a reading specialist, I am quite concern about the low reading achievement. I am wondering about how I could be more intentional in helping my new teachers become even more data driven minded in moving their students' achievement in reading..

        • Aug 20, 2014 11:10am

          My professional goals this year is to intentionally motivate new teachers to be more reflective in their practice. To help them build upon their strengths and use their strengths to help them in their weaknesses. Additionally, to build professional learning relationships between new teachers in order to create a sense of community of learners.

          • Dec 8, 2014 3:58pm

            My goal for the next year is actually not geared toward my gaining knowledge in my content area, but toward making what I already know more accessible to my students. This might sound a little odd, but as an eight year, freelance design professional in Live Entertainment, I have the experience. I have traveled the country, worked with live acts of all varieties and I have laid hands on all of the good equipment. But I have come to find there is a very large difference between guiding a group of middle-aged technicians through familiar steps to setup a slightly different show and guiding a group of seventh grader students through a task gear toward ingraining long term skills.
            My goal has always been to connect my students to the most practical knowledge in stagecraft and technical theatre that they can. The theories, literature and history that surround theatre can be taught from a book, but they will never be internalized until I can connect them with ways to experience what is one the page in front of them. The students are already being exposed to the basic scientific, mathematic and literary concepts that they need to be professionals in almost any industry, especially live entertainment. It is my goal to harness these skills to impart to students marketable talents that will aid them further.
            Few realize how often this craft and the students that participate in are over looked. They are told every day that a job in theatre isn’t possible or probable, when there is a world of possibilities.