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What does your coaching schedule/day look like?

Feb 10, 2014 9:45am

I am looking for creative scheduling ideas for helping our coaches be more available to our teachers.

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    • Feb 22, 2014 1:10pm

      Depends what day it is! I facilitate a PD or a PLC with grade level teams twice a week during our imbedded planning time. The students have a second prep so the teachers are able to meet and work on reading, math, and more during two 50 minute periods each week. The PD is at times something I deliver from the district. On other days it's more organic in that it comes out of our meetings. For example, teachers needed more tools when teaching fractions. Because it was something all four teachers wanted, I pulled together some research and best practices to share with them at the next team meeting. I am also in and out of classrooms working with kids, observing teachers, modeling lessons, and assisting teachers reach individual goals set at the start of the school year. My schedule is fluid and based on teacher availability. I also meet before school, during teacher preps, after school and during my lunch to be available for teachers. I lead a couple of all school workshops each month during staff meetings. Email works wonders when teachers want to set times to meet. They can usually find me in my office in the morning.

      • Feb 22, 2014 5:54pm

        I agree with Elizabeth, it depends on the day. I really go by the needs of the teachers. One thing that helps is planning just as I would a lesson plan. I log what I've done my prior visit and then create action steps.

        • Feb 25, 2014 11:10am

          I agree that every day is different but one thing I do consistently is ensure I visit very classroom on my caseload every single day. This helps to build the relationship and also helps to build my knowledge of their classroom and students. This allows me to provide more useful coaching. Selfishly, it also allows me to become not just the "person who sits in the back of the room" to the students, but someone the know and are used to.

          • Feb 25, 2014 1:29pm

            I am part of a team of district coaches for a district that serves 160,000 students. My days are very different. Some days I am providing school-wide PD and on others, I am working through the coaching cycle with teachers on my caseload. We are also responsible for planning summer PLU opportunities.

            • Feb 25, 2014 2:00pm

              At least once a week, I am explaining to my family why I am so late getting home .. it's because usually my "best" coaching opportunities begin after the school day ends! Once a week I facilitate "whole group" afterschool PD/book study. I also am involved in "small group" grade level meetings once a week during the school day, where we continue our conversations from PD/book study and/or discuss/share/plan ideas and issues that are grade specific. During the day ( either before, during or after school.. mostly after:) I usually have between ten- fifteen teachers "one on one" with curriculum, material or student achievement to discuss. This year, after looking at student data, third grade teachers and I decided to use me in their flexible, focus groups rotation three days a week. Other times, I go in classrooms to model or observe, depending on the teacher's needs/requests, and/or assess students.
              We have monthly district coaches meetings, monthly workshops for certified TA's and some monthly district-wide PD that coaches are responsible for implementing. Elizabeth is correct... it depends on the day!