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What is a good method for assessing a trouble making student?

Dec 1, 2014 6:56pm

I am currently an intern, training to become a teacher. I feel I am slowly becoming more prepared over time, but one of my biggest weaknesses is troublesome students. The fact is that some students are defiant, refuse to listen, and just won't try. While this can be difficult when it comes to keeping the classroom together, my question is simple: How do you assess these students as compared to the rest of the class? How do you know if the problem is that your methods aren't working on that student, or if they are just not trying? And if your methods are the problem, what are new methods that have been proven to work on such students?

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    • Dec 2, 2014 2:57pm

      This is a great question sometimes you won't know whether or not it is your methods versus not trying for a particular student. My advice is to get to know the student as much as possible. Is there something going on in their home life? Is he/she troublesome with other teachers? What are his/her interests? Reaching out to your students and getting to know them better can help you understand them better and can also change how your student responds to you as a teacher.

      • Feb 1, 2015 2:25pm

        What about including them in the assessment? For example, sitting down and asking them, "how do you think you are doing in math?" Perhaps giving them an opportunity to assess themselves might also help you out.