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what is a good way to teach a mixed level self contained class Eugenia Collier's Marigolds

Sep 20, 2015 6:36pm

  • English Language Arts
  • 9
  • Differentiation


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    • Oct 9, 2015 8:46pm

      I posted this for another teacher who was looking for the same kind of assistance with differentiation, see what you think...There is a differentiated management strategy you could try called The Three Ring Circus A Three Ring goes like this: Step #1) divide class into three readiness-based groupings, Step #2) for one third of the class, Group #1 works with the teacher getting the direct instruction they need for their skill level, Group #2 works in pairs to support each other in a learning activity, in Group #3 students work independently on a learning activity. Step #3) after say 15-20 minutes of work, the groups then rotate roles (teacher directed group becomes pair work, pair work to independent, independent to teacher directed). This way each group has direct instruction, pair-supported and independent practice at what is being learned. The group that starts with the teacher learns from the teacher and then practices in pairs then individually; the groups that start paired and independent formats attempt to learn more on their own at first (i.e. lesson out of a text book, teacher made activity, etc.) but both groups eventually arrive for their own 15-20 minutes of direct instruction with the teacher so that he/she can check for the understanding they acquired so far, fill in learning gaps as necessary or further challenge those students with new material if they successfully understood/completed their assigned learning earlier in the cycle. Hope this helps...