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what is good for a new teacher?

Apr 14, 2014 7:04am

i will be a teacher and now i am studying for it.what is your tips for new teachers?
introduce some useful websites.
and how can i contact with other teachers around the world.


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    • Apr 14, 2014 12:13pm

      I would say you have a great resource here! Also, teacherspayteachers is another great resource. Good luck!

      • Apr 14, 2014 9:32pm

        شما می تونید از طبقه 4 خابگاه ازگل به طبقه 3 بیایید تا مشکلات حل بشه

        • Apr 20, 2014 1:45pm

          You need to be patient ,equipped with a lot of patience , prepare your lesson plan but when you are in class teach pupils not the plan take advantages of pupils' mistakes to explain things , take into consideration anticipated difficulties in every lesson.

          • Apr 20, 2014 5:02pm

            Practice your "teacher face" in front of a mirror-over and over and over again..

            • Apr 20, 2014 9:31pm

              Have you watched any of the "New Teacher Survival Guide" videos on this site? You can make that your search criteria and a bunch will pop up.