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What is the best way students can get confidence?

May 20, 2017 12:59pm

  • English Language Arts
  • Assessment


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    • May 21, 2017 2:49pm

      Thanks a lot Aleta Cruel

      • Jun 1, 2017 11:20am

        One of my favorite mentors once told me "all self-confidence comes from developing a healthy sense of self-efficacy". If if students are given (or know how to find) effective strategies that help them be independently successful--strategies that are memorable, highly transferrable and demonstrate immediate, noticeable improvements in a targeted skill--then they will "feel" more competent and self-reliant.

        • Jun 3, 2017 5:26pm

          I promote "Not Yet", meaning the student will reach the intended goal, but he/she is not there yet. This give the feeling of with more effort the goal can be reached. My role is to reteach steps, strategies, content, whatever is needed to help them reach the goal.