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What is the latest best use of time in a one hour math block?

Sep 12, 2016 11:01am

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    • Sep 30, 2016 6:27pm

      The Incredible 1 hour Math Block!

      1. Do Now (5 Min) About 4 problems that students can do quickly as soon as they enter class include one challenge problem.

      2. Oral Drill (5min) (8 Quick Questions that students can do in their head)

      3. Excellence (10min)
      Students can complete an excellence sheet to practice their fluency. For engagement have students start by saying on your marks (pencils in the air) get set (hands on the paper) go (students flip paper over and start working on the problems.)

      4. Heart of the Lesson: Explore (10 min)
      Start with an explore problem that will build on students previous understandings allow students to dive into the material and grapple with the new information.
      If less than 50% of students understand the explore. Model the problem for the students and release them to try the next problem.
      If about 50:50 show students correct answer next to common mistake and ask them what do you think?
      If most students understand simply reveal the correct student work ask for any questions, have the students record the correct work and move on to the next section.
      It is good to write out the Key understanding in words at this point. (Stamp the understanding!)

      5. Independent Practice or Group Activity (20min)
      You can choose to do one hefty problem or about 5-10 shorter problems aligned to the objective. If doing group work its nice to give student large paper and markers where they can create their own posters where they show all of their work for a given problem.

      Exit Ticket (5min)
      Last 5 min This should cover material covered in Heart of the lesson. Collect this to assess student progress daily.

      Use 5 min buffer time to keep transitions in and out of class smooth!

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      • Oct 2, 2016 10:13am

        Both of the above answers are great! Warm up, followed by hands on activity/problems that allow students to explore new concepts, practice (in groups and/or solo), review and wrap up!