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What is the most efficient way for a teacher to meaningfully respond to student learning journals. This seems to be an overwhelming task for me. How often should I respond? I know immediate feedback is motivating and rewarding to students, but it does not always make sense for me in terms of time management.

Sep 11, 2016 3:26pm

Rubric? Pre-printed labels with various responses? How often should I respond? Collect journals periodically?

  • English Language Arts
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    • Sep 15, 2016 9:08am

      You are saying it right. Immediate feedback is motivating but it always not good and it can cause mismanagement. For more click here

      • Oct 3, 2016 6:19am

        Group the students. Each group would have different due dates, so you won't have to read them all at the same time. I find it less daunting to read a small number each day, instead of taking them all home on the weekend!