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What is your opinion on reading a portion of a book aloud daily to your intermediate students AND also working daily on another book the students are reading together during the same period?

Dec 3, 2015 7:34pm

I have successfully taught grades 2 thru 8 in various subject areas. I have taken time (about 5-10 minutes) to read aloud to my students during our time together each day. There are many times that I can refer back to those particular books for reference when teaching setting, plot, etc. In my 5th thru 7th grade reading classes they each have another book we are doing as a whole class. I have a team teacher and an intervention specialist who assist me with my 6th grade class. The intervention specialist feels that it confuses the IEP students to hear me read a book to them a little each day AND work on a separate book the rest of the period. I asked her how she knows that they are confused and she says "I can see it in their eyes." I am curious if you would be willing to tell me whether you feel keeping two books going (one for listening and the other for deeper reading lessons) is too much for 5th - 7th grade reading students. When I surveyed the students they said it did not confuse them.

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    • Dec 6, 2015 7:01am

      I'm in no real position to offer an opinion b/c I'm wondering if what the TA claims has any basis. It's good that the TA sees it in their eyes but have you as the classroom teacher assessed this. Additionally, what have the other general-Ed teachers observed/assessed? How long has the TA been with these students? When I get students with IEPs, I try not to single them out and I let the rest of my class know that they also have access to the TA present in that period should they need some aid too.

      • Dec 8, 2015 9:05pm

        I think that what your doing already sounds great and I definitely think that 2 books is not too much for them. I liked what Jennifer suggested. As long as you are keeping everything organized and aligned with your curriculum then your students will continue to be motivated by the books.

        • Dec 26, 2015 10:17am

          You said it yourself when you wrote, "I have successfully taught grades 3-8..." Trust yourself. You've probably assessed this method on some level and found that it works over the years, grades and... students!

          The specialist's method of assessment is curious. Is she seeing confusion during transitioning? Is she seeing confusion about something else? Is she biased? Does she get information from the students, themselves? What do the assessments show?

          I use 2-4 different texts daily and inform students explicitly of each transition. We have different goals according to the text at hand. This practice also helps students prepare for standardized testing which goes from one genre to the next with a turn of the page.

          So, I'd use this practice as a way to teach students how to "switch-think." In the end, ongoing student assessment should be your ultimate guide.