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what questions to used when teaching perimeter

Oct 1, 2016 7:06pm

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  • Common Core


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    • Oct 2, 2016 8:40pm

      It's great to have kids do some hands on work to measure perimeter. For example, finding the perimeter of their desk, books, chalkboard, etc. If you can find some objects that are not rectangular shaped that is good too to teach them that the same strategy works for different kinds of shapes, for example a stop sign. Then you can have them do some worksheets with different pictures of things that you want to find the perimeter of for extra practice. Hope that helps!

      • Oct 28, 2016 7:29pm

        Here is a really good video that may be helpful:

        • Oct 30, 2016 2:48am

          Perimeter first appears in the common core with 3.MD.8 alongside standards that focus on area. Give students a real life problem with perimeter, like building a fence for a pool or dog pen...or how many feet of borders the teacher needs to border her bulletin board...Or just students to generate questions. Do students know that perimeter represents a distance or measurement around the outside of a figure? Do they use measurement units in their work? Do they choose measurement tools? Do they know what operations to use to find it? Do they understand the properties of geometric shapes to figure out unknown sides? (Ie rectangles have 2 sides the same and 2 other sides that are the same) Do students (3rd grade 3.MD.8) see that rectangles can have the same perimeter but look different? Do they understand area and perimeter separately?