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What ways are you using Teams on Teaching Channel?

Mar 16, 2015 1:26pm

In my district, we are currently using the Teaching Channel Teams platform for coaching of new teachers, administrative inter-rater reliability, middle school PLCs, subject area PLCs, conference debriefing, and curriculum development PLCs.

How do you use Teams?

How do you manage what happens on Teams?

What are your experiences using the new learning plan on the Dashboard?

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    • Mar 17, 2015 7:44am

      Hi Michelle,
      I love these ideas, specially using video for parent outreach and incorporating video analysis into interviews. Great work!

      We are slowly working with learning plans right now. I just made a 3 step plan for everyone who attended the Teaching and Learning Conference in DC to remind them of district protocols after a conference, ask about their favorite session, and discover how they would like to share what they have learned.

      We plan to pilot a National Board Certification learning plan later this month for our current candidates.

      • Mar 23, 2015 11:59am

        Hi Erin,
        Would you be willing to share protocols/norms you have used to establish safety and trust with your users?
        We are just getting started with Teams. Our initial conversations have centered on Admin (in the same way you mention), New Teachers and their Mentors, National Board candidates, and a "choose your own PD" group who might use the tool to engage with other teachers to improve specific aspects of their practice as it relates to UW CEL's 5 Dimensions Framework. MANY other possibilities exist: teachers learning to improve their use of SIOP or GLAD strategies, teachers learning to better implement the Mathematical Practices, grade level or content area PLCs...
        Brian @edtechbham