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What would you do over your winter break with the gift of time?

Dec 3, 2017 8:56am

Time is a recurring theme as a barrier to teacher wellness, innovative lesson planning, organization, reflection, teacher blogging, and more. Winter break brings a much-deserved block of time you can use any way you like! What will you do this year? Do you have any plans in the works?

  • Arts / English Language Arts / Foreign Language / Math / Physical Education / Science / Social Studies / Technology / Other
  • Pre K-12
  • Assessment / Behavior / Celebrating Teachers / Class Culture / Coaching / Differentiation / Digital Literacy / Engagement / English Language Learners / New Teachers / Next Generation Science Standards / Planning / Special Education / Tch DIY: Certified
  • Student Collaboration / Teacher Collaboration


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    • Dec 11, 2017 1:14pm

      I'm going to snuggle my baby and work on national boards component 2. Component 2 is about differentiation and I'm excited to start the new year with a new approach to how I can differentiate and make science even more meaningful to my students.

      • Dec 25, 2017 1:39pm

        I am going to read and grade all my midterm essays. I am getting better as the years go by and can usually do one student's in 18-20 min. with a specific rubric in front of me.