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Where can I find leveled questions for Language Arts Grade 4 conducive to Common Core.

Oct 5, 2013 6:36am

I want a list of questions that I can use to give to my students to get them moving to higher level (order) thinking. Don't want to make them up on my own. I already have Bloom's Taxonomy but no questions.

  • English Language Arts
  • 3-5
  • Common Core


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    • Oct 9, 2013 10:46am


      To align with the CCSS, the questions would need to align specifically to the text, so generic questions would probably not get students to examine the text as much as they need to. There are a number of great sites where you can find CCSS aligned lessons, and since there are close to a half million lessons, I'm sure you could find some awesome ones about questioning with Grade 4 text. Check out some of the resources here: