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For National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4th-8th, 2015, we celebrated with a 5 Days, 5 Ways Giveaway to say thank you for all your hard work. We gave away 240 exciting gifts throughout the week to say Thank You!

All You Had To Do was Complete Your Profile

You were automatically entered in the Giveaway if your Teaching Channel Profile was complete and you were a qualified educator. You just needed to tell us what you do and where you work... so we'd know where to send your prize!

Five Days of Great Giveaway Prizes

MAY 4-8

20 Tch Tote Bags ($10 each)
30 Tch T-Shirts ($15 each)
40 Target Gift Cards ($20 each)
50 Amazon Gift Cards ($10 each)
100 Starbucks Gift Cards (value $10 each)

Of course there are rules... so take a moment to read them. And this space will have the final list of winners.