Teaching Channel Plus

A video observation platform leveraging a best-in-class video library

  Teaching Channel
Teaching Channel Plus
Library of 1300+ videos
Accessibility (closed captions & transcripts)
Alignment to state standards
Alignment to professional frameworks
Supplemental video resources
Library of 150+ uncut classroom videos  
Analytics, reporting, and dashboards  
Single sign-on/integrations with LMS's  
Mobile app for video recording, trimming, and uploading  
Shareable, timestamped video annotation  
Custom video tagging  
Customizable website & blog  
Private coaching and PLC spaces  
Messaging & Notifications  
Curated & custom video playlists  
Content authoring tools/td>  
Course & learning plan libraries  
Coming in 2019!
Rubrics for collaborative improvement  
Coming in 2019!
Specialized options available for Video Library or Video Observation Platform.
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Video Observation Platform

Tch Recorder App to easily upload videos from your smartphone or tablet.
Online community space for sharing with other teachers.
Notate and provide feedback and comments using our unique, timestamp-enabled video tools.

Best in Class Video Library

Our library includes over 1,300 videos shot in real-life classrooms across the U.S., covering all subjects and grades. Add your own videos and enable your teachers to record and submit from their classrooms.

  • Beyond just watching, curate playlists and even mix in your own library.
  • Teachers can share their videos with others who can review, tag evidence of teaching practices, and provide feedback.
  • Use this unique combination of video resources to power your own video-based professional development to foster and track teacher growth.

Learning Plans and Courses

Teaching channel Theory of Professional Learning graphic: Start with a puzzle or problem of practice 1.Gather and focus 2. Watch, read and analyze 3. Translate and adapt 4. Practice and gather evidence 5. Analyze and seek feedback

Teaching Channel Theory of Professional Learning

Within Tch Plus, take advantage of learning plans that incorporate our videos and yours, along with discussions and interactive assignments. Use these to onboard new teachers, practice specific skills, or group up around standards.

Professional Learning Communities


PLCs promote interdependence among teachers who concentrate on improving what they do by focusing on students. Tch Plus facilitates these activities by helping teachers get better together.

With easy-to-use tools for self-reflection, peer collaboration, and action-based inquiry within Tch Plus, teachers are supported as thought partners who investigate their own practice as well as that of their colleagues.


Tch Plus offers a way for colleagues to easily open their classrooms for peers to see instructional strategies, curriculum methods, classroom management, and student thinking in action. Since teachers often struggle to find time to visit and observe colleagues, Tch Plus links easy-to-use recording tools to teams, making for a seamless uploading process.

These tools also help teacher coaches share a common set of resources, tools, and language to encourage and track teacher success.

Administrator Tools & Dashboards

Tch Plus is built to give administrators easy ways to author and promote content and learning, and measure and track teacher development through that content.

  • Author your own learning plans, set up teams around specific subjects, standards, or ideas, and share your common set of resources with all the members of your organization.
  • As teachers work through the content, easily track their progress and see where engagement is happening within Tch Plus.
  • We even have ways to integrate Tch Plus into your other tools, through SSO, LTI, and other methods.

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