Teaching Channel Plus: Next Generation Professional Development

Teaching Channel Plus is a private, video-driven collaboration platform that enables teachers and instructional leaders within a state, district, or school to work together to improve effectiveness. At the center of Tch Plus is Teaching Channel's award-winning library of teaching videos that can be added to with district- and teacher-created videos. But just watching video is not enough. Tch Plus provides tools for deep collaboration around video and creates personalized learning experiences for significant, sustained improvements in teaching practice.

Tch Plus includes these 21st-century professional learning tools:

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Access to Four Types of Video

Educators use the four types of videos in Tch Plus to learn new approaches, reflect on their own and each other’s practice, and analyze specific areas of practice.

  1. Teaching Channel (Tch) library: more than 1,000 videos on subjects and topics across grades PreK-12
  2. Tch Uncut Classrooms: full-length videos that allow you to see lessons from start to finish, providing opportunities to calibrate observation and feedback protocols
  3. Your own video library: upload, share and tag videos featuring your own teachers, highlighting examples of instruction reflective of state- or district-specific standards and rubrics
  4. Teacher created videos: all Tch Plus teachers can upload videos of their own instruction and designate whom to share them with for reflection and analysis
Teams for Online Collaboration

Take in-person collaboration online and create state- or district-wide practice-focused communities to build internal capacity. Any public or private team can be guided by a Learning Plan to focus and drive team learning. Teams can be created around:

  • Common Core Math/Language Arts
  • Coaching/mentoring
  • Instructional Rounds
  • Content area
  • Grade level
  • ELL
  • Leadership
  • PLCs and more
Tools for Video Reflection and Analysis

Deepen the use of video for practice improvement with time-stamped Video Annotation, enabling colleagues to analyze instructional strategies and specific areas of practice in collaborative teams, promoting intentional viewing and reflection.

App to Record and Share Classroom Video

In two steps, easily capture and share video to your personal workspace or with selected teams. Tch Plus members are always in control of whom they share video with.

  • Step one: capture video
  • Step two: upload and share with the click of a button

You can also take video with other video capture devices. Simply transfer the video to your computer, log in to your Tch Plus site, then upload the video.

Centralize Lesson Resources

Provide easy access to essential state, district and school resources by uploading them to your private Tch Plus site. Videos, presentations, links, and examples of student work for discussion and analysis can also be shared via the Resources feature.

Interactive Administrator Panel

Manage your private Tch Plus site with tools for customization, tagging, and analytics to understand your professional learning in practice.