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November 9, 2016
Episode 4: Infusing SEL In the Classroom


Creating a classroom that includes social and emotional learning can start tomorrow. Join Minnesota 2013 Teacher of the Year Megan Hall as she shares tips and strategies for getting started.
Megan Olivia Hall Megan Olivia Hall is an advocate for social and emotional learning, experiential science education, teacher leadership, and college-level high school instruction for all learners. In her 15 years of teaching science, Megan has worked with students of many ages and levels, from kindergarten to Advanced Placement. She serves as a lead teacher in the social and emotional learning and service learning programs at OWL, developing curriculum and training colleagues in effective Crew pedagogies. She currently teaches secondary life sciences at OWL and is the proud leader of the Narwhal Crew. Megan served as Minnesota Teacher of the Year in 2013.

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