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December 7, 2016
Episode 6: Social & Emotional Learning as a Dedicated Class


In Part Two of our series on Social & Emotional Learning (SEL), R. Keeth Matheny shares his experience as a high school teacher with a dedicated freshman course for SEL (see Infusing Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom for an advisory angle). How do you get started? What resources are available? And, in an ideal world, what should all students receive as far as SEL curriculum? These are just a few of the questions he answers in this episode.

Keeth Matheny R. Keeth Matheny is a teacher at Austin High School where he pioneered Austin Independent School District’s (AISD) innovative social and emotional learning course for freshmen MAPS (Methods for Academic and Personal Success). He is a frequent speaker and keynote and has worked with many high schools starting SEL programs. He is the co-author of School-Connect, a high school SEL curriculum in over 1800 schools that's being implemented in AISD. The National Dropout Prevention Network awarded Keeth with their 2015 Crystal Star Award for Excellence for tireless and effective efforts to support student success. Connect with Keeth on Twitter: @Coach_Rudy.

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