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What if your teachers loved your professional development platform?

Now you can harness the power of Teaching Channel for all of the educators in your school, district, or education organization with Teaching Channel Teams.

What is Teaching Channel Teams?

Teaching Channel Teams is a private video-enabled professional development platform enabling teachers and instructional leaders to work together to improve practice. At the center of Teams is a rich library of high-quality videos that you can add to and customize.

Teams provides a place for teachers to use video to learn and try new instructional strategies and collaborate around video in new ways. On the Teams platform teachers can quickly and easily share video of their classrooms to enhance reflection and coaching -- sharing their practice in a safe, secure environment with the goal of improving student learning.

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The Academy for Urban School Leadership uses Teams to enable their teachers and teacher leaders to work together:

Educate Texas uses Teams to scale instructional coaching and increase teacher effectiveness:

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