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Now you can admire great teaching on TV in the comfort of your living room.

Invite your friends over, sit back — and watch inspiring teachers in action as public television presents Teaching Channel this fall.

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Season 3 of Teaching Channel Presents
"Teaching Channel Presents" is a groundbreaking series showcasing inspired teaching in America's K-12 classrooms. The weekly one-hour episodes are on public television and cover a wide variety of topics including The Common Core State Standards, Digital Literacy, STEM and The Arts.

Teaching Channel Presents is airing on public television stations around the country. Use the zip code lookup to the right to see what channel is broadcasting the series in your area. We post each episode here after it airs on TV, so check back if you miss it or want to watch it again.
Episode 6
Experiential Learning
Go to four amazing classrooms where the focus is on "learning by doing." Whether students are creating radio shows, fixing computers, or solving engineering problems, they are getting a "college and career-ready experience."
Episode 5
The New Teacher Experience
Follow two teachers in Los Angeles, California for an intimate look at what the experience is really like. Many beginning teachers in America are given keys to their classroom and left to sink or swim in isolation. But, with the support of mentors, these teachers persevere through the trials and tribulations of their first year of teaching.
Episode 4
Digital Citizens & Improving Practice
In our first half hour, we’ll see how students are becoming “Super Digital Citizens” as they learn how to use the Internet responsibly— then, we’ll switch gears and too see new ways teachers are working to improve their practice.
Episode 3
New Teacher Survival Guide
We'll follow several new teachers and their mentors as they focus on essential first-year skills from lesson planning to classroom management to differentiation. This hour is filled with useful “do’s and don’ts” for new teachers.
Episode 2
Common Core: PreK - 12:
We’ll start with Pre-K math students and finish up with high school English students as we explore the many ways Common Core is being integrated into classrooms—in both math and ELA the emphasis is teaching students how to think.
Episode 1
Inside Common Core Classrooms
We begin the new season of Teaching Channel Presents in classrooms where teachers are already integrating the Common Core. From adding and subtracting to fractions and functions, we follow students as they explore mathematical reasoning across grade levels. See how the standards change as students advance. We also visit three lively English classes where the Common Core emphasis is on speaking and listening skills.