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Bring Teaching Channel's
"Uncut Classroom" Videos to Your
Organization for Teaching and Training

teachers and students

Now you can access complete classrooms from Teaching Channel's many film shoots around the country--and use them for training and teaching purposes. In these videos you can see how an entire lesson plays out. There is no commentary from teachers and no graphic scaffolding. These videos are quite useful in training teachers and teacher leaders to develop a common view of excellence in the classroom, or to simply view the teaching that comes before and after the key strategy we have featured in the shorter version of the video.

Available for licensing to a limited number of partners, Teaching Channel's Uncut Classroom videos are ideal for showing uninterrupted moments to teachers and for training/calibrating administrators on educator observation protocols. They are also perfect for pre-service teacher and principal programs and inter-rater reliability.

What's available?
Now more than 100 individual classroom film shoots are available. The videos span K-12 and each is 30-45 minutes and has been lightly edited to sync the key interactions and learning moments from our two-camera productions.

Are these Uncut Classrooms available on Teaching Channel's website?
No. These are specialized videos that are only available for special licensing or to those who become Teaching Channel Teams customers.

How can my organization access them?
Teaching Channel will provide a secure embed code that can be used to insert them into your current PD, LMS or other web-based system.

What if I only need a certain segment of the video?
Not a problem--we will work with you to meet your editing needs.

What are the costs associated with licensing?
Costs vary depending on the number of teachers who will access the videos. Please contact us for more information and a customized price quote.