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Welcome to Tch Video Lounge 2.0. We’re excited to partner with PlayPosit to bring you interactive videos for professional learning. If you’re new to Tch Video Lounge, welcome and enjoy the learning. If you’ve been here before, you’ll notice the new player. Step inside and help us build conversations within each video. The discussion threads are brand new and need your voices. Thanks for supporting Tch Video Lounge! Questions? Suggestions on teaching practices you'd like to see in this format? Feel free to ask

In this month’s feature, we take a look at one teacher’s system for helping students learn from a process of peer feedback and revision. Watch how Ms. Gampel scaffolds the exercises to build her students’ skills in providing constructive feedback to their peers. Join the conversation:

Three Principles to Guide Student Feedback

Building a growth mindset with student feedback

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New Teachers

Leading with Learning Objectives

Framing a lesson

In this interactive video, we dive into a lesson where the instructor makes the most of learning objectives with her students.

Setting Students Up for Productive Group Work

Giving directions as an opportunity to teach

In this video, Sarah Brown Wessling’s students are preparing to work in groups on a writing project. Watch how Sarah gives students directions as a way to prepare them for successful collaboration.

Stepping Back & Observing Group Work

Examining student learning

In this video, Sarah Brown Wessling’s students work in groups on a writing project. Watch how Sarah takes a backseat role while her students collaborate and think about how she set students up for success.

Growth Mindset

Success Criteria & Peer Feedback in Kindergarten

Teaching Young Students How to Give Effective Feedback

Tch Laureate Marion Ivey takes us inside her kindergarten classroom where she’s working with her students on using success criteria to give peer feedback.

Three Principles to Guide Student Feedback

Building a growth mindset with student feedback

In this video, learn about Ms. Gampel's system for developing student feedback in pairs and groups. Watch how Ms. Gampel scaffolds the exercises to build her students’ skills in providing constructive feedback to their peers.

Take 5: End-of-Year Reflections

Reflecting on practice and growth

In this interactive video, we’re encouraging you to take five minutes to reflect on how your practice grew this year. What went well? What was challenging?


Supporting Students with Targeted Instruction

Building reading skills in small groups

Watch how Tch Laureate Geneviève DeBose uses small group instruction to teach her middle school students about determining main events in books.

Bridging Learning Gaps Through Small Groups

Small group instruction in action

Small groups can have a big impact on student learning. See how teachers can use small groups to bridge learning gaps between students.

English Language Arts

Digging into Discussions with Questions

Encouraging peer conversations about text

In this video, Tch Laureate Maria Perryman invites us into her classroom to listen closely to a student discussion. How do we help students engage in text-based conversations? How do we encourage students to use questions?

Setting the Stage for Socratic Seminar

Reviewing objectives and setting goals

A Socratic Seminar is a powerful way to engage students. Learn how you can more effectively prepare your students for this effective teaching technique.

Higher Order Questions

Sarah's Summer Road Trip

Enter Thristene Francisco’s sixth grade language arts classroom to see how she uses student-driven questioning to engage students in rich discussion.

English Language Learners

Scaffolding for Student Success

Focusing on scaffolding as a strategy for moving students toward understanding a complex concept.

Project-Based Learning for All

Sarah's Summer Road Trip

In this video, we’ll enter Jordan Wolf’s classroom and discuss the ways he meets students where they are in order to build deeper learning experiences.


Real-World Applications for Algebra Through Coding

Deepening understanding through application

In this video, Tch Laureate Joshua Kwon invites us into his math classroom where he’s using coding to help students connect algebra to the real world.

Getting Visual with Fractions

Using images to explore math concepts

This video features a discussion led by Tch Laureate Crystal Morey. Step inside Crystal's classroom and watch as she uses images to help students conceptually understand operations with fractions.

Riddled with Fractions: Developing Math Practices

Common Core Math Practices in action

This video features discussions about teaching fractions and small group instruction with middle schoolers.

Connecting the Dots

Number talks in action

Observe how one teacher gets her students thinking about multiplication. Also see how she and her team members use purposeful questioning to clarify student thinking.

Reasoning About Division

Sarah's Summer Road Trip

Watch how Lynn Simpson gives her students cognitive space to develop deep understanding by asking questions instead of giving answers.

Can You See the Shift in Student Thinking?

Observation Challenge

Join Sarah Brown Wessling in observing how Andrew Crandall helps students to construct their own learning in math.

Next Generation Science Standards

Scientific Modeling With Young Students

Enter Kaia Tomokiyo’s Kindergarten class to see scientific modeling in action as part of this interactive video experience.

Developing and Using Models in Science

The sun's effect on climate and the seasons

Step inside a fifth grade class where students are exploring a model of the sun.

An Investigation of Magnets

Planning and conducting an investigation

Watch as fourth graders plan and conduct an investigation to determine how to build and then improve a magnet that can be turned on and off.

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