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New Tch Video Lounge Featuring PlayPosit!

Welcome to Tch Video Lounge 2.0. We’re excited to partner with PlayPosit to bring you interactive videos for professional learning. If you’re new to Tch Video Lounge, welcome and enjoy the learning. If you’ve been here before, you’ll notice the new player. Step inside and help us build conversations within each video. The discussion threads are brand new and need your voices. Thanks for supporting Tch Video Lounge! Questions? Suggestions on teaching practices you'd like to see in this format? Feel free to ask

In this month’s feature (<-- click the link to view the video in a larger-format player), take five minutes to reflect on this school year. What went well? What’s was a challenge? Join the discussion!



New Teachers

Growth Mindset


Ready to hone in on the key skills new teachers need? The interactive videos on this page focus on practices that help make the first few years of teaching a bit easier.

How can we help our students take risks, persevere, and learn from mistakes? Join the discussions inside these interactive videos to learn how educators can help students develop growth mindsets.

Meeting the needs of all of students is important but challenging work. The interactive videos on this page highlight ways in which educators can differentiate everyday.








From Socratic seminars to writing about Shakespeare, English Language Arts lessons build students' literacy skills. Watch and discuss how educators are helping students to become strong readers, writers, speakers, and listeners in these interactive videos.

Want to learn more about how you can specifically support your ELLs? Take a look at these interactive videos to reflect and share the ways in which educators can build languages skills everyday and in every subject.

From number talks to real world math applications, there are so many ways educators can make math meaningful for students. Explore the interactive videos on this page to see how educators help students become mathematicians.








The NGGS were designed to improve science education by adding three-dimensional learning, building a comprehensive understanding of science over time. How can you make your classroom an NGSS classroom? Watch and discuss ways to transition to the NGSS in the interactive videos below.

Ready to dig a little deeper into your practice as an instructional coach? Join the discussions in these interactive videos to learn more about how you can build coaching relationships, give effective feedback, and co-create learning opportunities with your teachers.



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