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teacher working one on one with student

Differentiation Instruction

Meeting the needs of all of students is important but challenging work. The interactive videos on this page highlight ways in which educators can differentiate everyday. Join the discussions below.


Bridging Learning Gaps Through Small Groups

Small group instruction in action

Small groups can have a big impact on student learning. See how teachers can use small groups to bridge learning gaps between students.

Conferring with Readers

Strategies for Reading Workshop

Enter Emma Coufal’s reading workshop, where kindergartners are learning new reading strategies. Watch how Emma observes and listens to her students read, and then prompts and supports them to progress as readers.

Scaffolding for Student Success

Focusing on scaffolding as a strategy for moving students toward understanding a complex concept.

Supporting Students with Targeted Instruction

Building reading skills in small groups

Watch how Tch Laureate Geneviève DeBose uses small group instruction to teach her middle school students about determining main events in books.

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