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ELLs learning with a globe

English Language Learners

Want to learn more about how you can specifically support your ELLs? Take a look at these interactive videos to reflect and share the ways in which educators can build languages skills everyday and in every subject.


Conferring with Readers

Strategies for Reading Workshop

Enter Emma Coufal’s reading workshop, where kindergartners are learning new reading strategies. Watch how Emma observes and listens to her students read, and then prompts and supports them to progress as readers.

Deepening Content Knowledge Through Discussion

Engaging in authentic discussions

Enter Sarah Horwitz’s fourth grade science class, where students are deepening their understanding of environmental issues through structured academic discussion.

Getting Started with Academic Discussions & ELLs

Working towards Speaking & Listening Standards

Watch as Sarah Horwitz's fourth graders work toward Speaking and Listening Standards during an academic discussion about environmental issues.

Gradual Release of Responsibility in Reading Workshop

Shifting the cognitive load

Mini lessons are a great way to teach reading skills to young learners. In this video, watch how Emma Coufal scaffolds instruction so that students can learn to use their picture powers.

Number Talks: Integrated ELD

Language-rich instruction in math class

In this video, Monique LaCour uses sentence frames to scaffold the language required for students to have evidence-based conversations during number talks.

Preparing for a Moral Reasoning Conversation

Scaffolding towards a Socratic Seminar

Enter Johanna Paraiso’s twelfth grade ELA class, where students are preparing for their first moral reasoning conversation, a scaffolded step toward a full Socratic Seminar.

Project-Based Learning for All

Sarah's Summer Road Trip

In this video, we’ll enter Jordan Wolf’s classroom and discuss the ways he meets students where they are in order to build deeper learning experiences.

Scaffolding for Student Success

Focusing on scaffolding as a strategy for moving students toward understanding a complex concept.

Supporting Controversial Conversations

Sharing and defending an argument

In this video, Johanna Paraiso’s twelfth grade students have just finished the first part of a conversation on a moral reasoning topic related to A Brave New World. Watch how she supports the students in this challenging task.

Supporting ELLs with Authentic Peer Feedback

Debriefing group work as a class

Enter Monique LaCour’s second grade class and watch how she leads her students through an authentic peer feedback process.

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