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Growth Mindset

Interactive Growth Mindset Videos

How can we help our students take risks, persevere, and learn from mistakes? Join the discussions inside these interactive videos to learn how educators can help students develop growth mindsets.


Setting the Stage for Socratic Seminar

Reviewing objectives and setting goals

A Socratic Seminar is a powerful way to engage students. Learn how you can more effectively prepare your students for this effective teaching technique.

Success Criteria & Peer Feedback in Kindergarten

Teaching Young Students How to Give Effective Feedback

Tch Laureate Marion Ivey takes us inside her kindergarten classroom where she’s working with her students on using success criteria to give peer feedback.

Supporting ELLs with Authentic Peer Feedback

Debriefing group work as a class

Enter Monique LaCour’s second grade class and watch how she leads her students through an authentic peer feedback process.

Take 5: End-of-Year Reflections

Reflecting on practice and growth

In this interactive video, we’re encouraging you to take five minutes to reflect on how your practice grew this year. What went well? What was challenging?

Three Principles to Guide Student Feedback

Building a growth mindset with student feedback

In this video, learn about Ms. Gampel's system for developing student feedback in pairs and groups. Watch how Ms. Gampel scaffolds the exercises to build her students’ skills in providing constructive feedback to their peers.

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