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Videos For Teaching Math

From number talks to real world math applications, there are so many ways educators can make math meaningful for students. Explore the interactive videos on this page to see how educators help students become mathematicians. Join the conversation!


Can You See the Shift in Student Thinking?

Observation Challenge

Join Sarah Brown Wessling in observing how Andrew Crandall helps students to construct their own learning in math.

Connecting the Dots

Number talks in action

Observe how one teacher gets her students thinking about multiplication. Also see how she and her team members use purposeful questioning to clarify student thinking.

Getting Visual with Fractions

Using images to explore math concepts

This video features a discussion led by Tch Laureate Crystal Morey. Step inside Crystal's classroom and watch as she uses images to help students conceptually understand operations with fractions.

Number Talks: Integrated ELD

Language-rich instruction in math class

In this video, Monique LaCour uses sentence frames to scaffold the language required for students to have evidence-based conversations during number talks.

Real-World Applications for Algebra Through Coding

Deepening understanding through application

In this video, Tch Laureate Joshua Kwon invites us into his math classroom where he’s using coding to help students connect algebra to the real world.

Reasoning About Division

Sarah's Summer Road Trip

Watch how Lynn Simpson gives her students cognitive space to develop deep understanding by asking questions instead of giving answers.

Riddled with Fractions: Developing Math Practices

Common Core Math Practices in action

This video features discussions about teaching fractions and small group instruction with middle schoolers.

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