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Videos For New Teachers

Ready to hone in on the key skills new teachers need? The interactive videos on this page focus on practices that help make the first few years of teaching a bit easier. Join the conversations below!


Digging into Discussions with Questions

Encouraging peer conversations about text

In this video, Tch Laureate Maria Perryman invites us into her classroom to listen closely to a student discussion. How do we help students engage in text-based conversations? How do we encourage students to use questions?

Gradual Release of Responsibility in Reading Workshop

Shifting the cognitive load

Mini lessons are a great way to teach reading skills to young learners. In this video, watch how Emma Coufal scaffolds instruction so that students can learn to use their picture powers.

Higher Order Questions

Sarah's Summer Road Trip

Enter Thristene Francisco’s sixth grade language arts classroom to see how she uses student-driven questioning to engage students in rich discussion.

Leading with Learning Objectives

Framing a lesson

In this interactive video, we dive into a lesson where the instructor makes the most of learning objectives with her students.

Setting Students Up for Productive Group Work

Giving directions as an opportunity to teach

In this video, Sarah Brown Wessling’s students are preparing to work in groups on a writing project. Watch how Sarah gives students directions as a way to prepare them for successful collaboration.

Stepping Back & Observing Group Work

Examining student learning

In this video, Sarah Brown Wessling’s students work in groups on a writing project. Watch how Sarah takes a backseat role while her students collaborate and think about how she set students up for success.

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