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students doing a science experiment

Resources for Teaching to the Next Generation Science Standards

The NGGS were designed to improve science education by adding three-dimensional learning, building a comprehensive understanding of science over time. How can you make your classroom an NGSS classroom? Watch and discuss ways to transition to the NGSS in the interactive videos below.


An Investigation of Magnets

Planning and conducting an investigation

Watch as fourth graders plan and conduct an investigation to determine how to build and then improve a magnet that can be turned on and off.

Bringing a KLEWS Chart to Life

Developing conceptual science vocabulary

Watch as third graders grapple with the meaning of the word “germinate” as part of their study of the life cycle of plants.

Developing and Using Models in Science

The sun's effect on climate and the seasons

Step inside a fifth grade class where students are exploring a model of the sun.

Scientific Modeling With Young Students

Enter Kaia Tomokiyo’s Kindergarten class to see scientific modeling in action as part of this interactive video experience.

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