Seating with Numbers
Lesson Objective: Assign seating positions
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Thought starters

  1. How could you adapt this strategy for group work?
  2. What is the effect of using this strategy instead of a traditional seating chart?
  3. Why is narration a helpful component of this strategy?
I kept waiting for the punch line. Is this a non- example? It should be. This strategy signals to students that they are anonymous numbers and that this is a classroom where silence and order are more important than collaboration and learning. I think most students would feel very unwelcome. This is a great strategy for robots or the military though!
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Lynette, As a teacher who works for Tch, I adore reading comments from Tchers. However, we'd like to encourage you to keep your feedback constructive. When we film teachers, they open up their classrooms for us. Though we don't expect you to agree with every video you see, we do want video comments to be grounded in respect for the teachers we film. If you don't agree with a practice you see in a video, please share how you'd do things differently in your classroom. As we all know, the needs of each classroom and teacher are different, so we'd love to encourage discussion about how strategies can be adapted for our diverse community. For your reference, our discussion guidelines can be shown here: Thanks! Lily
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Hi Lily, I apologize for my strong reaction and thoughtless comments. I realize that I could have contributed in a more postive way. I also realize that teachers work very hard, have great intentions and are doing their very best. I hope I didn't discourage the teacher who made the video from sharing his practice. I've read your discussion guidelines, agree with them and will follow them. Boy, I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed when I wrote my comment! I've also absorbed a lesson that I'm always telling students (never write something anonymously that you wouldn't say in person!). Thanks for the feedback. I've taken it to heart.
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Thanks Lynette! I appreciate your thoughtful response. Thanks for being an active & reflective member of our Tch community!
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I really like this idea for the first day of school. Reducing confusion reduces stress for teacher and especially students. Clarity of direction is great. Thanks!
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    Interviewer: You’ll see me at the very first day of school; every single desk has a number on it.

    Interviewer: You’ll see me at the very first day of school; every single desk has a number on it. And I’m going to explain to them, “I’m giving you a number, you find that number on your desk and then you do these things.” I’m explaining all of that outside.

    What I’m gonna do when you walk in the door is I’m gonna give you a number. You’re gonna take that number, and you’re gonna find the seat with the corresponding number and sit there.

    I like to have the numbers set up in sequence in the classroom, because that way when the kids come in I give them 1 and then 2 and then 3. Number one is seated right there in front of me. As they’re sitting down in that sequence, I can narrate and tell them, “I see this happening. I see the front row.”

    I see the middle row is working without talking, thank you.

    It’s a real simple, quiet way of getting them into the room. I’ve seen classes where you know you put up a big seating chart. Kids are trying to figure out which name goes for which desk. Just names on desk, they’re running into each other. The nice thing about the numbers is it’s very simple, and you can do it totally quietly. There’s no confusion at all. I mean it just works really nicely. They’re sitting down and they’re working, and they’re ready to go.

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