Attention Getting Signals: Practice
Lesson Objective: Teach attention getting signals correctly through practice and routine
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Thought starters

  1. How does varying the clapping prompts help students to focus and listen?
  2. Why is it important to get students' attention before proceeding with work?
  3. In what ways does repetition and practice ensure success every time?
This teacher uses an attention-getter with students that really requires that they pay attention. I like this variation on the standard; I had only seen the double claps before.
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I like this. We use some fun attention getters and I introduce a new one about weekly at this point. I have first grade so they would get mega bored with this and end up clapping up a storm just to entertain themselves, so I try to change it up and keep it interesting.
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I really like how the clapping technique looks but I feel it will make the room more loud than I want it to be. I may use the raising hand technique and also the clapping technique it will just depend on what grade, what kind of students and how loud my classroom is. The clapping technique may sound more fun and cool while on the other hand the raising hand technique is more quite and peaceful.
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I really like the rhythm this teacher uses, and his "half clap" to make sure everyone is listening. I think it is simple and very cool for the students to get their focus back on the teacher. Also, I believe the teacher is right when he says that practice will make this technique work for all groups of students.
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I feel like this is very important and consistency is key! I know some teachers who introduce the idea but rarely use it. The students know the signals, but are not quick to respond because it's rarely used.
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