Breaking Routine in 3rd Grade ELA
Lesson Objective: See how students react when an experienced teacher takes risks
Grade 3 / ELA / Teacher Evaluation

Thought starters

  1. Why does Ms. Diamond have her students discuss "the big so what" at the end of the lesson?
  2. When monitoring the pacing of your class, what are key indicators to look for?
  3. Why is varying the style of your lessons and modalities you incorporate important to your students?

Great lesson and reteaching strategies to move out of your comfort zone. I can appreciate the reflectiveness in this lesson to help me move on to a better productive end.


Thanks again,

Robert Burton

3rd grade teacher

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I can say about this Vidio that it is an excellent one . I fined a perfect way for the children to express their ideas and the teacher encourage them. I'm so happy to share Mrs /Diamond .
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I really enjoyed this video; I can't wait to have my own classroom one day. Love to see the genuine passion you have for your job and students, they are lucky to have you.
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Great video, it really helps me to see the process that one goes through to improve their teaching. Mrs. Diamond did a great job. Besides giving me ideas how to improve my lessons, the video gave me encouragement and made me realize that evaluations are a good thing -- if you learn from them.
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Mrs. Diamond did a great job altering her lesson and incorporating the students that were disengaged.
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