Integrating Art: Masks & Myths
Lesson Objective: Write and perform myths
Grades 9-12 / Arts / Drama

Thought starters

  1. How do students make connections between subject areas?
  2. Why does Ms. Rose give students the option of recording their performances?
  3. What can you learn from Ms. Rose about arts integration?
Excellent idea of incorporating art and language; also see this being used as a creative tool to integrate literary elements in context of reading a novel with students. This is certainly an option/tool to help our 'non-traditional' learners and/or ELL students to make a connection with characters, the events they encounter, and the personal connection of engaging in the conflict resolution. Am going to share this with the general education teacher I work with and some other teachers in the English department! I am a special education teacher so I am looking at this as a excellent for those students who are primarily visual-kinesthetic learners. Thank you for sharing this video!
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I like the idea of integrating art, language and drama. Our school has no art or drama classes, so this would be a good way to incorporate these into my language arts classes. As Caroline pointed out, it also would good for ELL students. Do you have the lesson plans for this activity that you could share? How long did the project take?
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I am working this into a project study I am developing with a student I teach remotely. He is autistic and quite gifted. He has a hard time with process, since his executive functioning skills are low in comparison to his cognitive abilities. Making things is the ticket. He has to think ahead...not only about materials, but about the story he will create for his creature. We are blending this unit with geometry and the Mythical Creatures lesson I watched a couple of days ago. He is nine, he is excited, and he is making connections! Thanks so much for if only this lesson would show up in my own children's' schools.
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I tie art into my writing and science lessons. For example I selected frogs. We studied the life cycle of a frog. After reading several non-fiction books we made an idea web, then wrote an expository piece using the vocabulary. The children then created frogs out of paper plates. Emphasis was put on how a frog changes from an egg, to a tadpole, to a frog. The children were very engaged.
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It is good to create connections between subjects and content however you have to be very careful to keep the focus on the content and not necessarily the mediums you use to learn the content. That can be a very difficult challenge. I have had students make cooking videos outlining proper safety and sanitation while making a video however when the camera isn't on and they are in the next lab, they don't follow the procedures. Difficult balance.
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