Build Relationships: Teach More Than 'Just Math'
Lesson Objective: Build more than just content knowledge by building relationships
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Thought starters

  1. In what ways do we underestimate the importance of seemingly simple gestures like these?
  2. Why is important to build relationships with students?
  3. How does that help you teach your content?
  4. How do you show students that you appreciate them in your classroom?
We underestimate the importance of seemingly simple gestures such as "good morning." Children seek routine and feel comfort in knowing what is coming next. Within the Kindergarten class, children enjoy our morning meeting and greeting their peers.It is important to build relationships with students because educators are doing far more than teaching a curriculum. Students mirror the behaviors within their environment. We not only support students academically, but socially-emotionally as well. By teaching the content in this way, students are empathetic and caring. These characteristics of a classroom promote a positive culture of learning. I show students that I appreciate them in my classroom by taking note of changes that occur to a specific child. "How are you feeling, I noticed you were out yesterday and we really missed you!" etc.
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I teach a support math class and I can see the value in building relationships with your students. It is not just math. Especially, when students are struggling I think it is important to be in tune with them. Great video.
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I love that although the focus is to greet the students, she is also making her expectations known by holding up the sign of what she wants to see/hear when she gets in the classroom. By doing it in that way, she doesn't take away her attention from any one student. I think this (the greetings) is a great practice that I do not personally stay consistent with and should.
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I love that you take the time to greet your students and tell them that they are sweet because I also think that it's very important. Students have a lot on their minds so taking that time would be very important to them.
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It's amazing how a simple gesture can make a difference to a child.
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