Making it Personal in the Classroom
Lesson Objective: Build relationships with students by sharing personal anecdotes and stories
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Thought starters

  1. Why do you think Ms. Koch always does the lesson or activity she asks students to complete?
  2. Notice how Ms. Koch incorporates a personal touch with modeling a lesson objective. How does sharing personal stories foster a safe learning environment?
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I believe taking the test that the students have to take gives the teacher a better perspective of what the student might feel or encounter during the test. This strategy encourages reflection by the teacher.
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Modeling what is expected of the students is extremely important, as well as using personal stories in helping students connect. I do the same and it has made all the difference. :-)
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I love these ideas! My kids come from very diverse backgrounds and some have little or no parent involvement. The hugs and attention they receive from me are sometimes the only personal recognition they receive. I have seen some of my students come out of their shells by just giving them a little bit of a feeling of belonging.
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I like the personal too. Students feel engaged or connected when they know/feel comfortable to share . This instills care for each other in the 'community.'.I like how the teacher modelled the thoughts of her lesson. This readily shows students how the can discuss their ideas too. Having a voice and expressing it to respectful listeners makes well for a positive learning environment.
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    I was surprised how much I texted. I’m kind of embarrassed, actually. It was a lot. Yeah, it


    I was surprised how much I texted. I’m kind of embarrassed, actually. It was a lot. Yeah, it was a lot of texting.

    I always bring myself into it. I always do the task that I’m asking the students to do, and I always do it with them. I like to bring in the personal side. When I was doing a lesson on how much media I use, I used the example that I talked to my sister for an hour.

    Take a look, and I’ll just show you mine. It’s kinda hard to see, but for me, the one that shocked me was the phone, the use of cell phone, talking. I talk to my sister. My sister can talk. Basically, I call her, she talks at me for an hour, so that’s all input for me.

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    My students know everything there is to know about my sister. They know she’s going to college, they know where she’s going, and they love it. They love hearing about her, and it makes them feel like they’re part of this community. I’m sharing myself with them, and then they feel safer to share with me. I try to weave those things in as much as possible.


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Ms 250 West Side Collaborative Middle School
735 West End Avenue
New York NY 10025
Population: 190

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