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  1. How does Mr. Vazquez use questioning during his art demonstration?
  2. How do questions help Mr. Vazquez know when students are ready to create their own art?
  3. How do you use questions in your own classroom?
True! It's really about asking the RIGHT questions…Thanks for the video.
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Checking in with questions is a great way to not only assess the work but to guide the student.
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It guides you as to what they are actually learning.
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  • Speaker 1: Off-center composition. What do you think made everything go from the center to the sides? Go. What I

    Speaker 1: Off-center composition. What do you think made everything go from the center to the sides? Go. What I do to facilitate successful conversations with these scholars: questions. Questions, questions, questions, questions, questions, questions, the right questions. Am I aligned with the characteristics of 19th century artwork?

    Speakers: Yes.

    Speaker 1: Is this aligned with that?

    Speakers: Yes.

    Speaker 1: Really, are you sure?

    Speakers: Yes.

    Speaker 1: Someone explain to me what is off-center composition. Marcus?

    Marcus: It would probably be in the middle. Like middle to the right.

    Speaker 1: Yeah. It's a little to the right. Today, it was about learning the characteristics of 19th century artwork. I want you to create an artwork in your sketchbook of a common everyday object. Should be in the center of your table. I want you to only use colors because we're focusing only on colors. Our goal is to boil it down to three bullet points, just three different criteria. And what was that third thing, what was it called, Joseph? Arrangement composition is the word. More specific to 19th century. Scholars can synthesize very well if they know the material, and if they don't, that's the flag that I'm looking for. Okay, what do I need to touch on again? What do I need to repeat for them? Brandon, help us out.

    Brandon: So what we need to be focusing on is off-center and composition.

    Speaker 1: Yes, sir. So what is it called, guys?

    Speakers: Off-center composition.

    Speaker 1: Get to it. But it's all about the questions. It's about asking the right questions. You don't get anywhere if you're not asking the right questions.


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