Start with a "Do Now"
Lesson Objective: Begin class with an introductory activity
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Thought starters

  1. What makes an effective "Do Now" activity?
  2. How does this strategy increase classroom efficiency?
  3. What is the relationship between routines and classroom management?
The "Do Now' is a great way to keep students focused from the beginning of class as well as a quick review of what they have been studying and setting them up for the days lesson.
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"Do Now" reminds me of a "Bell Ringer" that I had in school. It gets the brain focused and allows some insight of today's lesson. It is great with classroom management also.
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The Do Now assignment is an effective way to establish a routine and prevent idle time at the beginning of class (which is when many students get off task or get into trouble). I think it’s an effective strategy for classroom management.
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I agree that Do Now assignments are an important strategy to help with classroom management. The students settle in and the Do Now sets the tone for the day.
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Wow! That's fantastic! The "Do Now" method is an incredible way to start a lesson on the pace the teacher wants. I loved the way Nick gave all the instructions and handed the "do nows" before pupils entered the classroom. Now they exactly know what, when and how they are supposed to do, there is no need to ask any further questions and distract the integrity of the lesson; everything is organized and well thought. This method helps students to stay focused, concentrated, motivated and involved. Amiable and yet dominating attitude of Nick defines his clear role in the classroom – he is their friend whom they can always contact to whenever they have questions, simultaneously, he is a leader who controls everything and whose praise they desire to acquire. Nick managed to create a classroom, that is quiet (but not tedious) and ideal for effective mental work. Good job!
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    Interviewer: Okay, here we go. You’re gonna walk in the classroom quickly and quietly. I will hand you

    Interviewer: Okay, here we go. You’re gonna walk in the classroom quickly and quietly. I will hand you your do-now, instructions are on the board. Are there any questions before we get started.

    A do now is any activity that you have at the very beginning of class that helps you set the tone for that day.

    Quickly, quietly, get started right away. Go ahead and get started right now on your do-now.

    Kids come in and have something to do when they get to their desk. That something to do should go back to what they’ve worked on before, and lead into what they’re gonna work on next. Often it’s really good to put the instructions for the do-now up on the board, so you don’t even have to say that much. They can just read them, and start following the directions.

    Then instead of having to talk to a lot of kids, we can just say, “I really like the way you got started, now go ahead and work on number two.” They read it, and then you can move on.

    Yeah, do it on the back of it. That cool? You know what to do right?

    Interviewee: Yeah.

    Interviewer: I’ve seen teachers that do do-nows as quick quizzes at the beginning of everyday. I’ve seen teachers that do a few old questions that they want to work on. It could be a reading passage that the kids have been working on. Ideally, something that’s gonna lead you directly into that day’s lesson.

    I see Chartanay 01:20 is starting to add to find the average of her numbers.

    The other great thing about a do-now is it’s really excellent technique for classroom management.

    I see the middle row is completely engaged in what they’re working on.

    It helps you to set the expectations from the very beginning of your class period. So a kid walks into your classroom, they know, “I’m gonna walk in. I’m gonna get my stuff out, and there’s work for me to do.” The hardest part of a teacher’s day is constantly getting kids back on task, getting your students back doing the work you want them to do, that’s the hard part.

    All right, you have about two minutes to finish your do-now, stay focused, stay on task.

    The best thing about a do-now is we start to work right away, and now I’m keeping you on task as opposed to getting you back on task.

    Are there any questions? Okay, back to work.

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