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Teach From the Walls
Lesson Objective: Post student work and information around the room
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Thought starters

  1. What kinds of materials does Ms. Chism post around the room?
  2. How do students use the materials posted in the room?
  3. How does reading "walk around research" increase engagement?
I absolutely love the idea of using your environment to engage and interact with students. Using the resources created gives the students both a springboard for ideas and continued interaction throughout the unit of study.
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This is awesome!!
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This strategy is a great way to get kids moving and interacting.
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I will use (implement) this teaching method (strategy) to use as a kindergarten teacher. i don't believe that I applaud once the video was over and said, " I like this. This is good."
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I love your strategies and tips! Keep up the awesome work,
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  • Teach from the Walls Transcript

    [00:00:00;00] - [00:01:58;00]

    Student: Our agenda for today is brainstorming, group discussion...

    Sherwanda Chism: One of our strategies

    Teach from the Walls Transcript

    [00:00:00;00] - [00:01:58;00]

    Student: Our agenda for today is brainstorming, group discussion...

    Sherwanda Chism: One of our strategies in our program is that we teach from the walls. Whenever we do an activity, we post things in the room. And so, throughout the study -- the unit of study -- children can always go to the wall to get more information.

    Sherwanda Chism (in class): You can use the walls, you can use the research around the walls if you want to use the texts over there from the books, you can use those.

    Sherwanda Chism: In our room, we also post what we call, "walk around research," and "walk around research" is basically nonfiction information about our unit of study.


    Sherwanda Chism (in class): So, use these. Use these -- use the walls because in CLUE, we learn from the walls. Use your graphic organizer and use the white board to help you, okay?

    Sherwanda Chism: And students can walk up to the walls at any time and they can read. This "walk around research" gives them the opportunity to move because in the traditional classroom, students are normally sitting but here they can walk to the walls.

    Sherwanda Chism (in class): Make sure you have your pencils in your hand.

    Sherwanda Chism: And, not only is the walk around research on the walls, what they've done is on the walls. Because they become research. Their work becomes research.

    Sherwanda Chism (in class): Let's put 'em back on the walls somewhere.

    Sherwanda Chism: And so children really get the opportunity to express themselves and they learn from their peers and they take it back and they learn and they increase their knowledge by learning from the walls.



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Lesson Idea

Grades 9-12, ELA, Class Culture

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