Using Common Core Language
Lesson Objective: Share and use the language of the Common Core
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Thought starters

  1. How does Ms. Wu use the Common Core to help write objectives?
  2. Ms. Wu says the Common Core allows her to have a common ground with students. Why is this important?
  3. How can you adapt this strategy for different grade levels?
Esther, Can you send me a copy of your Socratic seminar speaking scoring guide? Eric
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I found The Socratic seminar on line - I just googled it and I found this and a cool lesson through NTCE. Thanks for the intro.
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There was much in less than 15 minutes to observe...students using the vocabulary of an educated population, students thinking, students without desks :), a larger class size placed into a nontraditional seating configuration... :)
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Hi Suzy, If you look under Supporting Materials, you will see examples of the scoring guide that have been completed by the students. I will see if we can get blank scoring guides uploaded as well.
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Hi All, I sent Julia the handouts and scoring guides referenced in the video (and the Socratic Seminar video on teaching the n-word). Hopefully, the Teaching Channel can post them online for everyone to access. Thanks!
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    Using Common Core Language
    Video Transcript

    ESTHER WU INTERVIEW: I use the common core language


    Using Common Core Language
    Video Transcript

    ESTHER WU INTERVIEW: I use the common core language with my students every day. Today’s objectives were a variation on the common core. I articulated what we were working on today and the objectives were the skills and the standards.

    ESTHER WU: We are going to be voicing our opinions, especially when we’re unsatisfied with the conversation. And of course always using our text for support.

    ESTHER WU INTERVIEW: I use this language with students and students are starting to use it for themselves and with each other.

    STUDENT: I’d really like to use the text, like, from either one of, or any of the essays to support what I’m saying to make it more in-depth.

    ESTHER WU INTERVIEW: It allows us to have a common ground with which to discuss what English language arts actually is and what we’re supposed to be learning; what I’m supposed be teaching; how this particular student is doing on a particular standard.

    STUDENT: I think you should look into your article more, and use that to kinda synthesize what other people say.

    ESTHER WU INTERVIEW: So, for example, on my speaking scoring guide I broke down the standard into different parts. Is the student citing specific evidence to support points? Is the student evaluating the multiple perspectives? Is the student integrating multiple text in conversation with one another? The language of the common core and the skills have enabled me to define what proficiency looks like for reading, for speaking, for listening, for writing.

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