Series: Success at the Core: Common Formative Assessments

Using CFAs to Improve Teaching and Learning
Lesson Objective: Create and use common formative assessments to improve student performance
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Thought starters

  1. How does the team structure facilitate the development and use of common formative assessments?
  2. What is the connection between common formative assessments and SMART goals?
  3. How do common formative assessments help teachers meet the needs of all learners?
Maybe something is lost in the limited view we get of the classroom through this video, but I have never thought posting student's results on assessments for the whole classroom to see was respectful of my students' privacy. I do like the SMART goals concept, although not everything important for students to learn can be "measurable." I do like having some common goals and assessments in order for teachers to better collaborate as they meet the needs of all their students.
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I really like a lot of the ideas presented here with SMART goals and common formative assessments. I must admit I had reservations about the public posting of all the students' ranks, especially at such a vulnerable age as 7th grade; however, with all the peer editing and collaboration taking place in most ELA classrooms, students' learning is already highly transparent. Most middle schoolers thrive in a competitive environment, but not all. I may choose a more private monitoring system, although I love the goals. I do like the idea of offering three attempts for a particular assignment. Thanks for posting this video!
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I like the idea of students competition
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I like the idea of competition also some students could get frustrated that are slower. It might be best to put them in a different group or competition.
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I do think "data driven" instruction is important, especially for collaboration with related service professionals and other professional peers. Using student data through CFA's is an important concept for us, as teachers to be knowledgeable of. Also important, is knowing that we can't measure all of our student needs! Keeping these concepts in mind and staying well read with new trends on mindfulness, I prepared a power-point presentation as a summary on using data. This presentation covered important topics to consider, as well as a new shift in "student growth potential." Lexie Domaradzki discussed this in much detail at the RTI/MTSS 2017, Effective Instruction Conference, in Anchorage, on January 28th. As a final note, I do believe we have to keep in mind a student's right to privacy and to always keep in mind the importance of their well being and self esteem.
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Lesson Idea

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